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Thread: Event-item giveaway (Teaser/Announcement) [EU]

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    Default Event-item giveaway (Teaser/Announcement) [EU]

    I will giveaway dimensions items from the current event in April(after the event) worth a few thousands tickets and other stuff(mostly 2 Patron 60 day codes).

    Details coming soonish(have to do a lot of things I did not the last week :P)

    I just hope they leave the vendor up after the event so you can get the items you want(may have ask Ocho).

    And pls don`t ask me in game anymore if I sell you dimension items. Thanks
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    Im not asking you to sell them though... I want them for free XD
    Anyway waiting for details and ty for doing this... Shouldnt have wasted my tickets on tanking gear... I dont even tank!!!

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