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Thread: Shelter from the Storm ~ Wolfsbane

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    Red face Shelter from the Storm ~ Wolfsbane

    Hello dimensioneers!

    I have enjoyed yet again the wonders that Rift offers with dimensions ..very much appreciated we have this outlet to create what we all enjoy so much.

    I would like to invite everyone who has a spare moment, to take a peek at my latest dimension.

    *Shelter from the Storm

    I had a lot of fun making this one, was able to buy up items I had not seen before since I dabble in dimensions irregularly (many many thanks to all those who posted auctions for some of the items! I could not have received them any other way for the time I am in Rift, so big thanks to all. )

    I spent a couple weeks just waiting for alts to return from other servers as I was spread over a few trying to gather some cool items

    Now I am broke lol.... but it was so worth it!!

    Much appreciated if anyone can go see the new house, I had to restrict movement in the dimension to pretty much just the house or I would not have had the item limit to make what I wanted.
    Would realllllly love the ability to have much larger item limits Trion ^^ <-- hint hint

    At any rate please come see and hopefully enjoy the dimension as much as I enjoyed making it.

    I have seen so many more since I last was in here, it is good to see people creating so many unique and very cool things in their own as well!

    I am heading back to FFXIV for now (until I get that uncontrollable itch to do another dimension that is ).... and will continue my plea for that games housing to develop even remotely close to what Rift has perfected already!

    Keep creating, there is nothing more gratifying then that!

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    I'll be sure to check it out Allerien. I've been wondering where you were lately

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    very nice house :-) love all the details!

    I just wish you'd stopped at 2000 items and entered it for the cozy cottages contest
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    Loved what you've done with the place.

    I especially liked the little kid's room, because 1 + 1 = 4, lol.

    Great work.

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    Love the unexpected little details, like the light switch, smoke alarm, litterbox, baby monitor... pretty and unique cottage, nice work : )

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    Well done! Enjoyed exploring the place and seeing all the details you included. The kids room was amazing and contained my favorite bit of the who place...the stuffed bear. Loved it!
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    Love the house, the childrens room, the use of new colors throughout, and that sun-room off to the side is cozy.

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