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Thread: Sanctuary of Rebirth needs fixed

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    Default Sanctuary of Rebirth needs fixed

    Someone please tell me how to fix this..... This item is useless if the rendering is that bad. This building will not show up or become functional in any way whatsoever unless your right up on it...you will always fall through the front entrance of the stone floor.

    visually needs fixed so it appears far away instead of right up close? seriously...

    Give it a floor (ON ALL levels, including the balconies)


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    I don't know what your video settings are or what kind of computer you have but I do not have this issue at all. In my storage dim I had 8 sanctuary's sitting side by side and I could see all 8 at the same time. I have placed the rebirth in many different dimension zones and never experienced this issue.

    I just tested it in a dormant core like your dim, since it is one of the largest dim areas seeing if that caused an issue. My dormant core is maxed on items (so lots of items to render), I put down a rebirth and had no issues seeing it at a far distance, nearby distance or falling through the building.

    Wish I could help you more with this, I'm only meh with graphic issues. If I have issues I just make my husband fix it for me.
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    Don't think any of the new buildings etc are "solid" underneath since 3.0 perhaps a little earlier. I am not sure what changed but you may have seen others chat about how items are like facades - maybe to stop us from flipping over such a large building and using just the floor of it like we might Kelari temple etc which may contribute to performance in dimensions (all those buried pixels?)

    So when you walk away from it this "hollowness" somehow makes it all transparent. Not 100% sure but you cannot fix this except by putting a floor there yourself for the lesser problem of no underneath or putting it on solid ground.
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