Hello fellow addicts <3

Just wanted to let you guys know I've opened a new Take a Penny Leave a Penny dimension on Zaviel, EU. It's a t4 Faen's Retreat (so it only holds around 700+ items), it's all I had the plat for.

I will be dropping all minion dim items I get in this dim. I don't play on EU so I don't really have the moneys to upgrade it further, but I log in to poke minions and loot patron boxes from time to time, so I had a bunch of dim boxes and decided why not give the stuff away instead of selling it. So please, if you're on Zaviel, come visit and take any stuffs you need. The dim is listed under Laeti, called Take a Penny Leave a Penny, and is open for public with all permissions.

Not much there yet, but it's a start ;)