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Thread: Elevator Height Ideas!

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    Default Elevator Height Ideas!

    I understand why you cant size how high your elevators go! the mathematics in figuring out how to do this would be crazy.

    Alternate Idea: Platform the elevator can go thru, but the player cannot go thru that would be placed separately from the elevator. This way the elevator could be lowered into scenery of the Dimension and seemly have a short lift distance! Instead of going up 5 stories, you could adjust the position of the elevator to simulate 1 story elevation, with the platform.

    Yes I understand people like to go thru the scenery to expand their dimensions, So the platform idea would be a separate item that the player would have to place to keep their characters from going deeper into the scenery. Thus allowing a player to lower the position of the elevator to make is seem like a one story elevator instead of a 5 or higher story elevator!

    What do you think?
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    Naively thinking out loud and not concluding at all I think elevators are "cut" from the world the way they are which I don't think in itself would be easy (adjusting someone elses code from a long time ago most of the time) but would save a lot of time and resources to make. How complicated would it be to actually engineer tailored elevators? Not the faintest.

    An issue I have with elevators now is I cannot use them as much as I'd like because of rendering delays that can find people stuck below or in terrain when they enter to use it. I prefer elevators as an entry point to take you somewhere so with this in mind and slightly off subject I'm more curious if we will be able to get different ports for Dimensions using the PvP banner idea but a different item so we don't have to continually bury the banner.

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