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Thread: Dimension revamp suggestion

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    Default Dimension revamp suggestion

    Please oh please could you put

    -Gh5 achieve dimension items
    -nightmare rift artifact collection dimension items
    -Manugo achieve dimension item
    -Dimension meta-achieve "Dimension Tycoon" reward
    -Bounty artifact collection dimension item reward

    In the rift store under trophy as bound to account?

    Any other suggestions about old stuff we only get one but would want to be able to have more?

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    Unfortunately not sure a meta reward being a trophy would match the rest of the game (Maliana) though on a different note I would like to see the level 60/62 stronghold rewards moved to current content they really are that awesome.

    Have suggested the achievements manugo style also that be awesome.

    Perhaps adding Gatryn Hejme as a trophy so he unlocks when you complete the beginners tutorial and you can complete and get him or get more than one?
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    Would be really lovely to see more cute little rewards in general.

    Nothing tied to items placed in dims or keys used or anything like this - there's enough already, and they're easily exploited.

    Maybe something for crafting X, Y and Z dimension items on every prof.
    Maybe something for collecting all keys from specific zones.
    I'm not really braining well right now because lots of work and zero sleep, but things like that.
    Should be something small, special and SB/BoA to prevent exploiting.
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    Hence why i asked for bound to account, we still have to work our butt off to get it, but at least once it's unlock we get to enjoy her compagny again in other dimensions even if ti was soulbound, i would be pretty happy to have more than one. Let's face it, no one would go through the meta achieve only to go on an sell this item on AH

    Oh yes i would love it so much to have the failed engineer, unfortunately i got informed about this way too late to have it since i completed the quest
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