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Thread: Midgrad to Valhalla

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    Default Midgrad to Valhalla

    Hello again

    Today I would like to introduce a new dimension (Midgard to Valhalla)
    I love the Norse mythology are my childhood (I always wanted to be a wild Wikkinger ) and now i had the chance to build something about it.
    The dimension is actually the realization of mortality. The small village and the path to the Gods to Valhalla great in the hall of Odin.
    I wish you much fun look at and look forward to criticism and suggestions.
    Chulia - Brutwacht
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    I couldn't believe how quickly you finished this one after Moria. Both are huge and so masterfully built. Midgard took my breath away too. The atmosphere is perfect, so cold and tough, with the village looking very authentic, I felt like I might be axed down by a viking if I get too close to their property It's so rich with details and the path through it is like an adventure. The throne room in Valhalla is very worthy of a god, it looks so brilliantly lavish and awe-inspiring. A must see!

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    I loved this dimension. I thought Moria was impressive, but this one ranks right up there. The way you built the village is creative, realistic and charming. I greatly enjoyed the rainbow bridge, your angry Thor, and Valhalla itself.

    As always, great work.

    Dimensions on Greybriar and Zaviel


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    A beautiful creation as always, wonderful and inspiring.

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