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Thread: Interesting 2s AH experiment...

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    Default Interesting 2s AH experiment...

    About 3 weeks ago (or roughly 2 hours of playing time per toon), I created touring alts on all shards (but Hailol, sorry, I was exhausted by then). Since these were ostensibly only for dimension touring, making money was not a priority, so I decided to run an experiment.

    We all know the thrill of excitement when finding a 2s treasure! I decided to fund my alts using ONLY the 2s and below (haha, 1s) items listed in the AH; buying and relisting at proper prices based on Price History or my own opinion. Each toon is level 10 and, aside from listing/vendoring extraneous equipment, scrolls, potions gained getting from 1-10 and safely to my capital city, has ONLY done AH business for income.

    The results are as follows:
    Deepwood 14.89.10
    Faeblight 7.32.48
    Greybriar 7.06.03
    Seastone 5.40.99
    Laethys 1.72.11

    The results vary quite a bit, don't they? On some of the higher performing shards, I found mis-priced dimension boxes that I then opened, selling the items separately - that certainly helped!

    Most of the items bought/sold were dimension items, although I think I snagged a couple of artifacts on Deepwood, which brought a good profit. I did not, unfortunately, find a Shimmersand Bridge or Frost Mirror for 2s, however, lol.

    For my time spent, logging in just a few days a week on each alt, Deepwood gave the greatest returns....but beyond that, I have no idea if datamining this means...anything But it's been fun doing it.
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    I was going to change my guild name to "Two Dolla Holla"
    The AH is a Dimensioneers version of a Raid Boss....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi View Post
    I was going to change my guild name to "Two Dolla Holla"
    The AH is a Dimensioneers version of a Raid Boss....
    Wasn't the plan to transfer your guild to Seastone and change the name to "Beststone"?:D
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