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Thread: Possibly the hardest jump puzzle out there

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    Default Possibly the hardest jump puzzle out there

    So far no one has completed my jumping puzzle based in Castle Fortune previously called "Nightmarish Jumping Puzzle". Gave it a new name "Trial and Error Nightmare", which suits it better. First one to complete it when I'm watching so no cheating is made etc. I will give 3 free REX's. I play on Zaviel EU.

    If you're up for it, come on in, have a try and scream in anguish when you fall muahahahahaha. I'm not kidding this is like running through Dark Souls naked with a plastic bag in your hand.
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    I'd love to see this take place. I wouldn't enter it because, honestly, for all the awesome things Rift does, player movement speed and jumping are NOT 2 of them. You will come to know this is words of truth if you run the Callweddi puzzle.

    Good luck for all those who venture fourth on this and I would love to see a video of it being completed.

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    Hmmm a challenge....may have to pop over soon!

    How awesome of you Please feel free to post it here if you would like more people to respond:

    Discord: Events and Contests
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