Log entry 22986523. time is 4:30pm est. Date is March 2nd, 2016. My name is Cade Foster. I'm a scientist and theoretical professor of Quantum physics, employed at M.I.T. I am now hiding in a broom closet.

Let me explain a little bit more in detail before you think I'm a lunatic with a broom obsession.

On February 23rd in the year 2016 the military came in possession of a very, very old relic. It was dug up from the very bottom of a recently discovered pyramid in Giza. Although I only heard rumors of how the military came into possession of the artifact, loose lips mentioned burying the archaeologists in the same pyramid in which they found the artifact. these facts I don't want to hear about.

It was bad enough being awoken in the middle of the night with masked special forces agents with rifle muzzles caressing my nose. Before I could utter a word, or dispute my obvious dissatisfaction with my nose and the muzzle I was injected with some kind of syringe and awoke in an underground military base somewhere in...in..ummmm, on Earth.

A burly man with horrible bad breath(maybe he was awoken in the middle of the night as well and didn't have time to brush his teeth or pop a tic tac) felt the need to badger me with maybe 10 inches of distance between his eyebrows and mine. I felt the sudden urge of sarcasm come over me and whisper if he was going to kiss me or kill me. I got punched in the gut for it. I guess comedy is not something I can profess at being good at. Sad, he couldn't appreciate my attempt at humor. My next thought, after recovering my breath, was to throw some theories if relativity at him, but I figured my spleen would thank me more if I kept quiet.

After being grilled for 2 hours on my duty to the country, and how in the next few weeks I would be more popular than Kim Kardashians foray into the world of voyeuristic video, and if I showed any resistance to the "goal of world salvation", that this burly, halitosis laden gorilla, had 1000 ways to make me squeal like a pig.

The next few weeks had myself and some other abductee's, also with their own specialties in certain sciences, working around the clock, shoulder to shoulder, in building a device to contain dark matter. One week before the incident we were able to see the artifact they recovered. My heart sank and I almost fell to my knees in its presence. It was a strange cube, with what appeared to be a faint luminesce surrounding it. It gave off a low hum and a vibration, which shook my bones, even 50 feet away. Without giving much detail about how it was recovered, what it consistented of or how it came to be, were told we had one week to figure out all these questions.

A week passed and we had no answers, only more questions. What we did learn is that it is not from this earth. Oh, and it didn't like to be touched. Just ask the dumb soldier who, well touched it, and well, I'd rather not explain what a person with a liquefied body looks like.

3 days before this incident, we built a weapon whose purpose was to crack a magnetic field which surrounded the Cube, after all other attempts failed. It seemed pretty important to this branch of military to open this thing and obtain or harness the power held within. the cube was aptly named Pandora, after the legend of Pandora's box. I hate associated names, nothing ever good came from it.

The weapon we devised was nick-named Mjolnir, sadly named after the hammer of the thunder god, Thor. After failed attempts at using light, sound, heat, vibration, lasers, concussive force, diamond tipped drills, and explosives to crack the field, my machine was brought into play. I was going to suggest the burly agent use his bad breath, but I would not be so lucky to have been logging this in a broom closet if I uttered that option.

The Mjolnir had the amazing ability to harness dark-matter from space. Pretty nifty if you needed an immediate blackhole in your backyard.

Well my machine worked...Sort of . the casing imploded almost immediately, but the cube itself seemd unphased. I kid you not though, what happened moments after is still something that would have me fitted with a straight jacket and locked in wall to wall cushions if I admitted it with a straight face,

The cube guttered a low, but booming laugh. Anyways, I mentioned you wouldn't believe me.

The steel walls around the military complex seems to wiggle and wave, like paper in front of a fan. The cube's vibration increased and my head felt like someone hit it with a sledgehammer.

The next few minutes were surreal, as some of the guards were lifted up and crushed into the ceiling. the tempeture rose to at least 100 degree's, and then the scream started. I'd like to have told you what happened next, but the broom closet beckoned.

I clasped my hands to my ear to block out anguished screams, guttural laughes and howling like nothing I ever heard before.

I gripped the closest broom, held it tight to my chest until everything stopped. Just stopped. Well I guess this is where I end this entry, and proceed to walk to my destiny, broom in hand.