First off I want to say that today I have been searching for certain items in trade and in the broker for my dim, only to find very high prices on simple building items.
Than a voice out of the angels said in trade they were offering free items in their dimension for anyone to pick up.
I sent Chey a tell asking if I could have a look around, they replied in kind and asked if theres anything you can not find let me know and I will send it to you via mail.
I thought this was very cool and very kind.
so I went there to take a look around and I was in shock of how many things were available for free! I asked the dim master if they needed anything at all, because I feel bad just taking things and thy said well I could use trees, I thought okay awesome! I sent the only tree I had in my bag for now and CheyChey was grateful.

If anyone need supplies Chey's shop is open to all, just take what you wish but also leave her some tree's if you can.
I think seeing Chey's dim's today really made my day and I think Chey should be recognized for supporting everyone and not asking for anything in return.
I give Chey's Thrift shop and store top ratings!
Please go see her shops on shard Faeblight- Chey's thrift shop- Chey's thrift store

Thanks again Chey for all the help