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Thread: Bella and Mals Place (Laethys)

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    Default Bella and Mals Place (Laethys)

    Malori is my wonderfully supportive husband in all things dimensions, whether it is maxing all professions so he can make what I need or spending hours helping me ensure my walls are a little bit straighter. In thanks, I asked him what dim he would like me to build a home and a crafting zone for him, thinking he would choose something small.

    He picked Tulan ;)

    If you would like to see what I built us to potter in it is on Laethys (under the name Malori) and simply called Bella and Mals Place. It is still very much work in progress with not even 1k of the 2k limit spent, however during the year while I am back on campus studying I will add to it as I have time.

    His brief was simple...minimalist, big views of the waterfalls and a surprise. The surprise is on the docks..be sure to check it out if you are visiting.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bella and Mals Place (Laethys)-2016-01-09_195015.jpg   Bella and Mals Place (Laethys)-2016-01-09_195121.jpg   Bella and Mals Place (Laethys)-2016-01-09_194901.jpg   Bella and Mals Place (Laethys)-2016-01-09_194925.jpg  
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    This is incredibly sweet.

    I'm getting back home tonight to my touring graphic settings so I'm totally checking it out!
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    Looks awesome, will check it out later this weekend.

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    Bella and Mals Place is beautiful already (with only 803 items!) and I cant wait to see how it changes as you have time away from your studies to expand. I don't know how you or Mals will get any work done at those crafting stations, the views are just too spectacular! Kudos on this intriguing new project.

    Good luck in school this year, Bella. You and Mals make a wonderful couple and you are both great assets in the dimension community!

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    A lovely, peaceful place with some fabulous views of this great base dimension. Can't wait to see how you finish it out.

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    Wonderful job both of you , can't wait to see the end result.
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    What a pretty place for you two to relax, and that is a really nice surprise on the docks.

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