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Thread: Grove of the Fairy Queen

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    Soulwalker Lanterox's Avatar
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    Nov 2014

    Default Grove of the Fairy Queen

    Hey guys!

    Cerese@Zaviel is back with her newest creation, Grove of the Fairy Queen. A colorful, cozy little dimension with tons of plants and trees, chairs and food, mossy steps and... weird little electronic gadgets! Bet you didn't see that one coming!

    Everyone is welcome to check it out!

    Here's a little teaser for you guys.

    Oh, and to avoid confusion: no, I'm not Cerese, I just helped her put stuff on those pesky shelves and places she couldn't reach herself. All credit goes to her.

    Happy New Year!

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    General of Telara
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    Mar 2014


    They got an espresso machine!
    The first one I saw in Telara, now I know what my little tree house needs...

    Just let me level this touring twink a couple more levels so I can vote

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    RIFT Fan Site Operator Feendish's Avatar
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    Mar 2013


    Greatly enjoyed my visit to this new dimension of Cerese's...tell her to come on here so we can let her know "in person!"

    I've been a fan of her work for a while, and I loved the clever little morphs in her dwellings and the extensive use of Gloamwood--as well as all the wonderful greenery inside the main house (that bed!)

    Dimensions on Greybriar and Zaviel


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    Rift Master Seyler's Avatar
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    Sep 2013


    So happy to see a new work of Cerese's... this one is a breathtaking beauty! The landscaping is like a dream, I just couldn't believe how harmonious it all is. That Fairy Queen is one lucky person!

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    Jan 2013


    It's lovely to see a new build from Cerese. Grove of the Fairy Queen is the perfect name for this gorgeous and whimsical place. I just love all the adorable gadgets! The landscaping is delightful and the entire place is beautiful. I loved exploring, every vantage point is more lovely than the next. This place definitely has a magical atmosphere, most appropriate for a Fairy Queen! Kudos on an amazing dimension!

    My wacky weird (and mostly old) dimensions are tagged (diva) on Wolfsbane, Zaviel,
    Brutwacht, and Gelidra. I love to visit dimensions, so please invite me to see yours!

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    Plane Walker
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    Aug 2015


    So much food! And butterflies!!

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    Feb 2015

    Default OMG

    I just visited your dim. I was there for about 10 mins. That expresso machine is a must for any dim. When all 13 of my toon can vote your dim will have 13 from me

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    RIFT Fan Site Operator Nouvae's Avatar
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    Such a peaceful place, beautiful work Cerese

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