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Thread: Loggerman's Lift

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    Default Loggerman's Lift

    A friend gave me a Loggerman's Lift because he thought I could use it in my Moonshade Pools dimension. I tried placing it, but it was way too tall and the sizing button was ghosted, so no way to shrink it. I didn't see a place to use it in either snowy dimension, including the new fae yule one. So, unless I decide to build something up in the sky, it's going to sit in the bank and take up space.

    The question is why? Why not let it be adjustable to the existing dimensions? It's not like I want to put it in a pond. This was a very large and deep waterfall area. I just don't get it.

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    I was a bit taken back by it not being resizable, but worked it pretty good in my Fae Yule dimension.

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    Nothing that is animated (ie moving lift & wheel) is scale-able in a Dimension because it would probably take a lot of work and require engineering/budget not available.

    Castle Fortune, Dormant Core etc are very tall dimensions. Haven't placed it in Vengeful Sky yet or many others. I love that wheel and have tried to hide the top of it will work on it in a few others in the near future.

    You can also flip it upside down and build a wooden landing on top of it if you are like me and just want the wheel.
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