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Thread: Very basic question

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    Default Very basic question

    How do I visit dimensions on other shards? Do I need to transfer first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpal View Post
    How do I visit dimensions on other shards? Do I need to transfer first?
    I am not good with dims, but the person who has that dimension can invite you to it from any shard. If you do not see them online, I believe you can just create a level 1 toon on that shard and then visit it if you know their name or dim name.

    I am sure others will expound on this.
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    A lot of us have toons on every EU and NA shard just for visiting dimensions. Having a toon on every shard means you can visit dimensions wherever and whenever you want. Being able to see dimensions beyond your own shard and beyond your own part of the world is a lot of fun!

    Right now, many of us are using our touring toons on other shards to visit the widespread entries in a recent Fae Yule Dimension Contest! Whether you simply make a level 1 toon to tour on another shard or you take time to level that toon up to level 10 so he/she can vote (+1) for dimensions you enjoy, you are bound to have fun touring the great big world of dimensions!

    Have fun!
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