Yesterday afternoon I logged in and went dim touring and saw some lovely builds, I also was hanging out with a friend and wasn't paying attention to my mail box but once I was done being social I saw I had mail. I saw a bunch of my stuff hadn't sold on the ah and I clicked the "collect all" button....then right at the end I see I got something, something that made me speechless.

I was gifted by a stranger, a secret santa, a very wonderful gift. I don't know who the gift giver is or why they chose me but I want to say a huge thank you to that person. You made me cry with your random act of kindness and I want you to know that I am very very grateful.

There are some really wonderful people in the Rift community. Sometimes they are seen and sometimes they are hidden but either way I'm truly humbled by the kindness of other's.

Happy Christmas to every one and I hope you all have a great holiday