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Thread: Special Request: LF Help

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    Default Special Request: LF Help

    I have a guildie that is looking for assistance to finish their dimension, after no contact from the previous decorator for a few months (real life stuff took priority).

    • PvP: It's a PvP dimension, so anyone wanting to help should have some PvP experience and be considerate of movement, camera angles etc.
    • Resourcefulness: Unfortunately, a lot of the items in the build were used for the foundation of the project, so anyone looking to help needs to be resourceful, and have good knowledge of items to make it "look" as full as possible in terms of decoration - a challenge for any dimensioneer!
    • A trusted advisor: There's less than a few hundred items left to fill [T5, Anywhere Dim], and they have some idea of what they want it to end up looking like, so you should provide advice on what you think will work in terms of decoration, and what won't - consider this a community project.

    If you want to help, or want to take a look, PST or send mail to Sylvexis@Deepwood.

    For anyone interested in having a look, check out "PvP: Bridge" on Deepwood, or post here for an invite if you don't have any alts on that shard.

    Kind regards,

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