Just posting to ask if any of you have encountered this peculiarity in your dims - my friend Cailynn was site-inspecting a dim of mine in Tower Meadow that's nearly finished and saw that her feet sank into wood beam flooring in there. Worse, when she ventured onto a carpet, she sank up to her ankles. I went to join her and we tried everything we could think of to solve this - repositioning, trying different floors, and so on. And yes, logging out and in, restarting game, computer... everything. Nothing worked, except that when the crafted rug (ochre, is it?) was placed on the floor our feet magically reappeared. Other rugs simply swallowed them.

Visits to other dims showed that other floors had also developed foot-devouring properties. This has certainly only started happening recently.

Another weird thing that happened over the weekend was in Bahrult's, when entering the dim resulted in me flinging myself into a grey void with the red warning 'scene locked' message. Eventually, limbs flailing, I landed and the dim materialised, but I landed at the original entry point, not the one I'd put in there. This also happened for Cailynn. The new entry point isn't in a strange place, near a boundary, or anything. The fault was sporadic - sometimes entering was fine.

So, just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar and can give some advice.

And finally, if any Trion people read this, is there any chance the violet twistflower will be fixed? I reported its wilted state some time ago on this forum and it's still sadly dull. It's an intrinsic part of the story I'm telling with these dims, so it'd be good to know if I have to change the tale a bit to incorporate what's happened to the flower.