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    Default New building blocks...

    Due to a new projekt with light glass structures i' am really missing corner posts. I know we have two of this, but they are neither plain nor are they machting the most building concepts as they look to medieval.

    But i think there should be no problem to implement these two (without the structure and the slightly slimmer waist) as plain building blocks for all the existing textures (metal, wood, stone etc.)

    That would help a lot for so many projects.

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    Did anyone already suggested new torches? Love them (-:
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    Default hi

    would love to see white pillows rug etc yes we have wedding rug and flour sacks. but not the same. also would like see a rice paper like for some builds.
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    Default Pre-built houses

    I would like to see pre-built houses and cottages. Some of us are horrible at constructing buildings (me) but really really want a nice english cottage surrounded by gardens of course, or a nice winter house in the middle of a wintry forest. (I can do gardens and forests. lol) The houses would be bare bones, ones you can decorate from room to room, but have different exteriors like brick, wood or a mixture of both. In different sizes too. (small, medium, large, party size).
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    The Official Ongoing Dimension Request List-2018-10-21_164059.jpg

    Five years and I've never noticed these rugs? We need these rugs! Also...more round rugs in general. Maybe of the colored variety like the square and rectangle ones...
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    Hi guys!

    We have started a new thread here:

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