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    Default Weather blocker for entire dim

    How about a weather blocker projector?

    The specific issue is this:

    I'm building in Kestrel's Cry, and the constant snow is driving me batty. I want the snow in there eventually, but while I'm building, it's just annoying. I've added a Space Sky Projector, and that stops the snow, but then it's really dark. I added an Always Sunny Day Projector on top of that, and it's lighter, but then the snow is BLINDING. So I added a 5:00 a.m. ToD item after the projectors and it's perfect, but of course, I have to re-place these items, in order, every time I enter the dim to build--which is probably just too much effort. LOL

    Yes, I know, picky, picky, picky.

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    Default Summerfest Musician

    It's that time of the year where once again, I am begging for the Summerfest Musician npc's song as a music box... or, better yet... a replica of that npc, playing his song, as a placeable interactive item!

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    Default Roses!

    I'm a big flower person which is why I would love to see a bigger variety of flowers for dimensions, like roses! climbing roses, rose bushes, single ones to put in vases for our nicely decorated dining room tables and maybe some other types of indoor plants as well. For summer wouldn't it be nice to see some huge sunflowers in our (dimension) yards too?
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    ok, after another 2000 klicks to open building block stashes, I had an idea :-) how about making stacks of something for example ctrl + right click to open the whole stack of boxes? that would be awesome, and also reduce the risk of getting tendonitis
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    Default Please add some cushions!

    I would be eternally grateful for cushions - preferably square with some depth, like a mattress-shape.

    Tarnished metal building blocks. The gold and bronze in particular are really bright. Limestone in solid non-pastels and black! Painted wood minus the weathering.

    I'd like to see a dimension box themed with small parts - those that are difficult to re-create with building blocks. Hinges, brackets, faucets, knobs, utensils.

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    How about white pebbles the size of snowman coals? Maybe just the coals reskinned in white... and other colors, you could call those gems, thise come in almost every color don't they? :-D

    Need more tiny stuff for more realistically morphed stuff size wise ;-)

    *dreams on* spheres (blocks in general) that scale smaller, poles that are as thick as now but half the length
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    Dimensions on Brutwacht by Alliandre, Luisa, Alliendre, Kattima, Samrahia, Jaodya, Guild "Stadtwache"
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    There is black painted wood, not very top for a piece of furniture, luckily came the dream weaver and his matt black blocks to crafter. But for the white !!!! The white painted wood is perfect for an old fence, or for a dilapidated facade with peeling paint. But for a piece of furniture, it's not right. The bright white does not go either, it erases all the reliefs and angles. When will we (dream weavers) craft white matte blocks?

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    I absolutely beg for an axis rotation feature.
    It should be simple to implement but its going to be a lifesaver for those of us who buildin off-axis dims or build something at an angle .
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    Some dimension items i would love to see!

    -Building blocks that look like gravel
    -Round carpet tiles!
    -MORE ANIMALS! Srsly...I want dogs. DOGS.
    -Rose bushes
    -For the water tiles we currently have to look more watery and less oily
    -Interactive curtains that open/close to block light
    -A "select all/take all" or "select/take everything in a category" for the item list and moving crate
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    Default Terrain Paint - what does or doesn't take paint?

    This may already be on the list within these 59 pages but I frankly didn't look. We probably need a thread just for the items that should or should not take terrain paint.

    I know it's a ton of work for no value but please add to the very long to-do list either a toggle for players to make an item take paint or not, or a fix to a number of items that are not how they used to be (or how we understand it) re taking paint.

    Snags - used to take paint, now do not. Whole builds were made with this and have to be scrapped.
    (Old) Mausoleums - did not take paint, now take paint. Again, whole builds were made with the old rule and now have to be scrapped. The new mausoleums do not take paint.
    Building blocks - not all building blocks take paint (matte black is an example).
    Rocks - most of the older ones did not take paint but most of the new ones do.
    The entire exterior of Turnis River Bunker takes paint, including the steps, rails, entry and ramps below. It's pretty much impossible to use paint there unless you are rebuilding the entire dimension.

    I think the questions are: If terrain paint is to be used on building blocks, why are other items that are not in that category taking paint? Are rocks and trees considered building blocks? I know it's a ton of work so please let us know if we can somehow help with lists, specific items, etc.
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    For reasons I wont get into, I cant overcome to read all the posts made, so in case its already been suggested but not added to the list. Im just gonna suggest certain type of NPC's .

    I Everquest 2, żou are able to obtain/buy NPC's that you can set to a certain action. Like sit Down on chair, different motions and more. Saw them but did not have any myself as my time in EQ2 was a short one, Came back to Rift instead after a break. (Yes you are the one and only hehe)

    It is the one thing Im truely missing in Rift dimensions - to make houses and so forth become more alive. The few NPC's we do have, they just dont do it, they just dont match most of the dimensions - some of the beautiful houses ive visitied just looks so abandoned. I did use a few of the NPC's in game myself - so the bakery store wouldnt seem so emtpy - like everyone just ran away.

    Casual Dressed NPC's - not wearing armor, Christmas cloths and so forth. Racial NPC's still. For example - a High Elf wearing a beautiful dress - maybe to add in our bathrooms( we love making those from what ive seen) getting ready for a night out - and other kinds of NPC's that could match both the game timeline as well as being able to match in a futuristic or RL inspired house.

    Also adding currently in game animals, NPC's to store - obtained from limited time boxes, ive seen the most amazing ones, but unable to obtain them now. Why make them exclusive, so when I visit some of the dimensions I just cry since Im willing to spend Money to obain them ?

    Thank you for reading and hoping to see more NPC's and Animals in the future...like ducks wihtout a pixie hat, they just look silly in my farm dimension with the sheeps and horses

    Link to EQ2 Dimension (Housing/House) NPC's (Actors) http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/House_Actor

    I will give my right arm for these to be added in Rift Dimensions

    *I read some on EQ2 forums yesterday....the players there complain, asking that their actors should talk to eachother, drink, eat while sitting in bar, at table and so on, instead of just sitting there doing nothing.
    -You HAVE Actors!!... Spoiled, just spoiled haha
    -But umm I was thinking.......can we get both actors and with those actions ?
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    I would like to have this beautiful item from City Core please.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Official Ongoing Dimension Request List-2018-07-15_223834.jpg  

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    Default Call to Action

    Just a heads up that the contents of the Imperial Wonders Mystery Box will soon be reappearing.

    Many of them will be in the store for the usual plat/credit pricing options.

    Some will be possible rewards from a series of recurring events.

    More information VERY SOON.
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    I know we got a lot of empyrean items now, but i would wish we had building blocks with Empyrean patterns too;

    The Traditionel, but lovely circle pattern.

    the blue pattern. (Of course, the gears would be nice too)

    This stunning Empyrean roof got a circle grate like the ones we know from tempest bay, that would be lovely to get too, but i wish for the roof itself here!

    To finish off, the would be amazing with more npcs for dimensions, a dimension town just seems empty without atleast a few to pick from and the current ones is highly restricted in use. This gentleman would work for any setup;

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