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Thread: new dim bug

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    Default new dim bug

    Yesterday i went to a dim on our shard designated as a trade dim- take a penny on deepwood. I was able to hit the tool and put down some building blocks. today i went there to find the tool grayed out and when i clicked on the list it showed nothing there. it wouldn't let me put down any more building blocks or anything.

    so i went to a second trade dim listed as "take what you want". there i found the tool grayed out as well. i looked down and found i was not in the take what you want dim but in the freetrade building blocks belonging to tsaine, my alt. the tools were grayed out .

    i left and tried again to get into the take what you want dim. this time i got in. but again, the tools were grayed out and nothing was showing on the lists.

    it seems that the dimensions we set aside to share stuff with people have lost their permissions. i am going back in on tsaine to see what is wrong with hers.
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    It's definitely related to the bug some of us had earlier in the week. I visited one of the taplap dims on Faeblight, going to it from inside of one of mine, and the UI showed my dim info with an empty item list since it wasn't really my dim. When I visited the taplap dim from Ember Isle, the UI in the dim had the -1/0, no owner, and was empty. Thing is, this dim wasn't loading back when my dims weren't loading so I'm wondering if the ones we are seeing now are people who haven't logged in since the dims were fixed and that has kept their dims from being fixed.

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    Default Rifty Shades of Grey.

    Ye this bug has been reported and result of 3.3. No fix yet it seems.

    Also XYZ ROTATE SCALE is appearing grey all together (No red, green or blue just grey)

    This also happens on my Mage only who is prone to the "green lips" bug I am guessing because she has a cape activated in wardrobe so I turn the cape off so I can't see it to fix this issue.
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