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Thread: Relax and enjoy Rift

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    Default Relax and enjoy Rift

    Just a few thoughts I have from being gone one year from Rift.

    I took a year off Rift for personal reasons and I'm so happy I did.

    I came back to Rift with a whole different attitude then before.
    I do not feel rushed to do anything because the game will still be here tomorrow. With that mind frame I can again enjoy and relax when I'm playing.

    I am blow away by how many new things there are for dimensions then there was 1 year ago.
    I am also blow away by how a lot of people are not happy with what they have now.
    It seams to me that the more we are given the more complaints people have.

    The LURE is one such thing. I have the pole but not the lure. I have been privileged to get 2 lures, one from a box and one from AH, that are the same as having a Secret Lure. I got Poooooo from those 2 lures but it's all part of the game as I see it. People complained that they did not have the lure and then when they get it they complain about what they are getting while others that have never stopped playing the game still do not have the lure or any of the things, like mounts, and now there is real discussions about taking some of those things off the loot table.

    The other thing, still on going, is the argument (and it IS an argument for most) is the Toolbox "cheating" debate.
    I have lots of thoughts on that debate and good friends that feel both ways about using an Add-on to make dimensions.
    One thought is if you use Riftmeter to check your dps is that cheating? King Boss mods for Raids is pretty much a MUST if you raid, so are all the people that use it cheating while raiding?
    Think about it.

    I came back to Rift for the dimensions. They were the reason I started playing Rift and what will keep me coming back again and again. I build things I like for ME and only me. It's how I relax at the end of the day and get away from RL problems. It's not a place I want to go and have more problems or be called names. It's a GAME. I am on the game a lot but it's still a game and when it stops becoming something FUN and RELAXING maybe people should take a step back from it for a bit and think about the real reason they are playing and building.

    I do not mean to start any arguments with what I have written this is just a few thoughts I have been having since I have been back and thought I would share.


    p.s. I want to thank all my new friends for putting up with my typing and spelling!! It means the world to me that it has just been taken in stride that I can not spell OR type.

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    Its always nice to share thoughts even if we oppose one another. I am of the belief that life would be completely boring if we all agreed but essentially know we all want the same things - to relax, have fun and get lost in gaming enjoyment - we all just have different ways of achieving this.

    In regards to any content with Dimensions whether its lures or anything I see Rift as a full package experience its not just a PvP, PvE or Dimension game and always have something else to do or build if something doesn't happen as quickly as I'd like it too. The minute that changes, so does my game its that simple for me because sometimes I can't have everything I want and that's ok.

    I have not heard the "to add on or not to add on" debate for a very long time and although I helped create one (Dimension Tools) I do not use them personally simply because the tweaking part of dimensions is where I find my "zone" and I do not do the same things very often but know for a fact Dimension Add Ons save time they don't do anything for you, you are still the genius, the artist, the architect behind the creation. So many builds with add ons have stretched imaginations and so many builds without add ons have ironed out the wrinkles in fresh ideas - together its pretty awesome.

    See you out there and another welcome back to you.

    - K
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    That's like the second time ever that I hear about the addon cheating dispute, seriously, do people even think using DT is cheating? In what way lol? Not like the addon builds for you or changes the dim\items stats or something. It's a tool, the same as the ingame one, but with more options. Cheating is when the addon allows you do things you can't do yourself. You can perfectly build without it, it only saves you time. Those who think it's cheating should say no to macros, dps meters and event trackers.

    And I'm with you about everything else (including typonese lol). Of course sometimes we do need some changes, but from what I've seen so far - if you ask nicely, you'll get a response saying 'we'll look into it and do what you need' or at least explaining why the changes can't be implemented. Whining and threatening won't help and never will, and it's mostly the reason I keep to this forum only - every time I check the other ones, I see constant complaints and threats and 'I couldn't care less for your game but you should all pay attention to me leaving it!'. Same goes for the FB page - every single time Rift page posts game announcements, there's lots of people trashing Trion. Ask any of them why'd they sub for the page if they 'left this game years ago and never gonna play again!' - you'll get no answer or another trashing comment.

    So, yeah, I'm all for playing for fun. Rift is like the only place besides one more RL one where I can go an relax. It's a beautiful game with beautiful people and devs who actually care. To everyone who's complaining I can only advise to look back at the times when there were no 30gold dim keys, minions and hundreds of items on AH. You know, just sayin' :)
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    Rynraff - I am currently in my own time away from Rift (though I look forward very much to coming back in a bit...) Glad to see you back. (To me anyway) dimensioning is where its at...
    cya in a bit, I am sure...
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    Welcome back! You're right. The game certainly is much more fun when you can relax and take your time. Have fun and be sure to show us your builds!

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    You're certainly right in my book. Of course, I never do anything but relax and enjoy a game (my way....) Dimensions are so far my favorite bit of any game I've ever played (well, I really did love making player-housing mods in Obliviion) and even if I didn't really like any other part of Rift, I'd still be here plinking with dims!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Narcise View Post
    (well, I really did love making player-housing mods in Obliviion)
    I had sooooo much fun with those! I wonder if I used any of your mods.
    Sorry, I derailed this thread a bit.

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    i think the "cheating" debate is more about butthurt. i takes john 30 min to make and move a house so he feels jane should suffer it also. i feeling that if it's not implemented by the developers argument isn't valid on mmo addons. i'm sure devs would love to have made most of these addons but they have to devote time to content and bug fixes so they let us make mods to help the community better enjoy the game they made. these are not cheats or the devs would try to derail our efforts like they do botters. look at bigger mmo's like wow that have taken some of the best addon like dungeon tools and quest tracker and made official versions so i feel these action validate my thought that if devs had the time they would love to add some of these thing into the game.

    as for the complaining. you don't normaly hear from happy customers unless they are regulars on the forums and when most have a issue they come here to vent but when the issue is solve and they are happy again they just vanish from the forums till the next issue. i mean i'm sure we all have things we would like to see done differently but i feel overall most players are content or they would be playing another mmo.

    and glad your enjoying your return.
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