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Thread: New Walls Maybe?

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    Telaran Azrough's Avatar
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    Feb 2015

    Default New Walls Maybe?

    Something that I would love to see are new wall pieces to match the shell housing. I took a few pictures of what I think would make good wall pieces. If maybe there was something I missed through out the zones, please post up what you would like to see!!!

    Much Love, Az
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New Walls Maybe?-2015-02-06_095058.jpg   New Walls Maybe?-2015-02-06_095206.jpg  

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    Default I will take anything!

    I agree with you, I would love new walls, indoor and outdoor. I am building in Castle Fortune right now, and 'ye old English Tudor" look is just not cutting it! Having to rely on the fallback of limestone is really not what I want either.

    Surely we are due some new walls?

    * crosses fingers and wishes *

    Bellarosa ~ Dimensions Lovingly Created on Laethys - look for Bellarosa

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    Default Forum Wishlist

    There is an active thread for posting screenshots of in game items that we would like to see available for dimensions right Here http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...ion-items.html
    Of course everytime I head there with screenshots in my sweaty hands someone has already beaten me to posting them.

    Welcome to the forums Azrough, glad to see you figured out how to post screens of your lovely Factions dimension that I know you worked so hard on and good catch on those walls. It would be nice to have some building pieces that match the Draumheim lamps and Mermaid statues that we have been given!

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