I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but it seems that the sky in Pus Swamp used to be purple:
New Sky?-2015-02-04_133300.jpg

After hotfix today, checking out some dimensions, and one of those was a Pus Swamp, and the sky looked like this:

New Sky?-2015-02-04_133044.jpg

This is a pretty dramatic change. Intended? I'm not necessarily against the change (even though it now means a rebuild of a completed dimension, because everything that was built under the purple sky kind of looks like barf under the new, orange sky), just curious.

Another item: Water reflections in Endless Eclipse.

Terrace Ponds and other water items in EE used to reflect a rather ugly orange band that in no way resembled the base dimension's sky (and I have no clue where that orange band came from). Looking around again, saw the reflections have changed:

New Sky?-2015-02-04_134458.jpg

Thank you! Please don't change it back! I still have no idea what's being reflected, but the purple/pink...whatever is being reflected is way better than the old dull, flat reflections with the big orange band.