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Thread: increasing dimension size.

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    Default increasing dimension size.

    Hey guys

    I want to ask if the devs plan to have the option not only to increase the amount of items you can place inside your dimension but also increase the boundary of the transparent green wall?

    I am using the castle fortune as my base dimension and I plan to make the entire area below the cave into a functional dockyard/small town. I want to extend the dock so I can place ships parking around but the green wall is at its limit.

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    Default Its not the size of the wand, but the power that it holds.

    I'm with you Shmorezilla, though my phrase states otherwise depending on how you see it. I've tried, nagged, begged, promised CAKE, to have Deepwood Cottage item limit expanded to no avail. The place is huge with many possibilities. But I'm not giving up!

    Be well, & safe on your journeys!

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    Default question

    Have they ever actually increased a dim's green-wall lines? I know they've shrunk many, (Icewatch comes to mind, and wow was that a chunk taken off) but I can't think of one that actually got enlarged.

    I would love to be able to go all the way around the base of Castle Fortune instead of slamming into the green walls. I'd love to be able to use the bridge in Icewatch without one end having a green wall a few centimeters in from it (I exaggerate, but only just). I'd love to have the whole bay area in Three Springs to work with.

    Anyway. Just wondering: has a dim ever been enlarged instead of shrunk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redspyder View Post
    Anyway. Just wondering: has a dim ever been enlarged instead of shrunk?
    No it hasn't (racking my brain could be wrong!), there have been adjustments along with the abundance of new dims we've gotten to match each size of capacity.

    I have linked this article numerous times interviewing passed Senior Systems Designer Faratha to explain the boundary (that use to be green and was a wonderful change to clear) to give some insight into how Dimensions are made BUT basically the live part of the game is taken and everything removed to ensure us a positive building experience up, down and sideways.

    More recently Dev Marigold explained what also goes on in Dimensions which gives more insight.

    The juggle between expanding old dimensions, creating new ones as well as items is real as size is considered into the capacity etc Hope this helps explain the variations and considerations we are given.
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