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Thread: Rename dimension items for better organization?

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    Default Rename dimension items for better organization?

    Perhaps this is just my lone stroke of insanity that only I do, but I generally have at least one dimension set to be a storage dimension, holding the bulk of unused items (aside from building blocks). Personally, I just dump the items i need stored into there, and then swap it to a new dimension that I don't use, and grab things from the moving crate when I need them.

    While it's very nice they can be alphabetized, the flaw is the nonuniform naming of items. For example, right now we have [Large Balboa] and [Clump of Deciduous Trees], which, despite being trees, will be in notably different parts of the list. I personally think it would be a lot nicer is they were, say, [Tree: Large Balboa] and [Tree: Clump of Deciduous Trees], for better organization.

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    You mean, the way they named "Building Blocks".... yes, it makes sense. Though of course with the category dropdown, you can select Tree, and see just trees, listed either chrono or alpha....

    [Not so lone insanity: I usually have 3 or more storage dims now on most every toon - especially since the advent of minions....]
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