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Thread: Mystery Box: Dimensional Wonders - Are they worth it?

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    Default Mystery Box: Dimensional Wonders - Are they worth it?

    Curious as to what peoples opinions on this are, and why they hold said opinions. Do they really offer a good deal now that minions have made even things like 900 platinum keys go for under 10 plat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luix View Post
    Curious as to what peoples opinions on this are, and why they hold said opinions. Do they really offer a good deal now that minions have made even things like 900 platinum keys go for under 10 plat?
    It depends on the person if they're valuable or not.

    My personal opinion is that they're not. I don't like to gamble, especially on the few items that come in the boxes that haven't made it to minion returns--and the boxes give mostly the same junk that you get from minions, minus the standard building blocks (i.e, modular pieces, various fencing, lots and LOTS of rocks...oh, and snowy trees).

    Typically, the credit price of the items you receive from the boxes is equal to and sometimes greater than the price you might pay for the box itself...but why pay any of it when minions will more than likely give you the items for the price of a minion slot, more than once? The minions, just doing the math, are a better, more consistent deal.

    Besides, the RNG for the items that aren't in minion returns is so abysmal that I generally don't feel that I've gotten my value (no matter how much the stuff inside the box cost). More, I don't have room to store all the stuff I get from minions, I certainly don't have room to add to the mess by buying boxes as well.

    Given the nature of dimension building, where you might need 20 to 50 of a particular item, the mystery boxes aren't a practical method for reliable building, either, because you'll rarely (or never) see box exclusive items on the AH, or if you do, it's for an outrageous price that very few can afford to pay (this is in regards to things like the statues, or the Corrugated Columns, which minions do not bring back).

    2 cents
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    I bought one of the large ones before minions came out... Got the Mossy lodge just after it came out and Stonefalls Tavern or whatever its name is... (among other stuff.) It was fun because it was like Christmas. But I have other places I can spend credits... Haven't bought one since.
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    In my opinion, not anymore. If I want to spend credits, I can buy minion slots, minions and reshuffle/hurry them up. I received 2 relic tier dimension items yesterday (sagespire tower and orrery), neither of which are worth anything close to their store value.

    Unless you want dimension items that only drop from boxes (copper statues come to mind), I don't think there's any point to buying them at the moment.
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    It's been more than a year since I had the opportunity to open the mystery boxes, so everything I say is based on the older mystery boxes. I haven't heard that the boxes have changed significantly in the items they contain, just a few more additions.

    The mystery boxes have greater value for newer players who haven't built up a stash of dimension items and who want a small but significant chance at getting the holiday event items, like from Fae Yule or Halloween. Players who've been through a few holidays and have a stash, are less likely to benefit from mystery boxes.

    For what it's worth, this article lists the contents of some mystery boxes I opened back on the Storm Legion PTS a year and a half ago.
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