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Thread: Kudos to all TAP/LAP sponsors.

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    Default Kudos to all TAP/LAP sponsors.

    I want to give a shout out for the people running the tap/lap's, especially Masterofwar on Laethy's. This guy not only increased the Anywhere dim to max storage, but daily comes in and organzises and cleans the place up. He's told me he has spent about 3 hours one time cleaning up the dim.

    So kudos to all of you for sponsoring and maintaining our Dim item sanctuary's.

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    Ill second that esp for Greybriar
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    I love the sponsors on EVERY shard. I've used TAPLAP on every shard both regions.... It's a lot of work and plat for sure!
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    Great thread! Kudos to Kitasia and Feendish for taking the ball and running with it over a year ago to ensure that every shard has a TAPLAP.

    It has to be devilishly expensive to bring all those dimensions up to tier 4 or 5, so thanks very much for your generosity!
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    Adding my own thanks here. No matter when I drop into TAP/LAP here on Laethys, the items are always so neatly arranged and in order. I can only give my heartfelt thanks and apologies for not knowing exactly where to put things when I drop them off.

    Warmest wishes (and even more thanks)

    Bellarosa ~ Dimensions Lovingly Created on Laethys - look for Bellarosa

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