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Thread: TELARA WATCH: What would you like to see as Dimensions/Dimension items?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emeral View Post
    I would really like some nice looking tables, chairs, beds, couches. actually all furniture for a beautiful home or castel... I dont want to say the word but like EQ2... They have the best looking furniture. I have been with Rift almost since they started and have always wished for the above. Also dishes and untinsels. I would like to build some nice homes on my dimensions. Thanks from all my 12 toons
    These are great ideas, you might want to share them in this thread, it's more active these days.

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    Default Trader and auctioneer for dimensions

    i would highly appreciate if we can get a trader and auctioneer. Both permanent items like mailbox or bank. I guess this would also be interesting for others. These items would make it possible to do regular work (crafting, selling, banking, mailing and auctioneer transactions) in one place in the own dimension.

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