Any chance we can get a "Swimmable" cube added as a dimension item?

A "Swimmable" cube would be a re-sizable cube that would have no collision and place the player in swim mode when entered and return them to normal mode when exiting. These cubes could be placed adjacent to each other or stacked on top of each other to expand the swimmable region in any conceivable fashion.

Additionally, the flowing water animated texture found in the river in the bottom of the Dormant Core zone would be ideal to have on top of a special "Swimmable" cube to allow us to create rivers to go along with the wonderful waterfalls we can now create! This would result in two types of "Swimmable" cubes, with and without flowing water on top. Alternatively, the flowing water could be a craftable Terrain Paint you could apply to the top layer of "Swimmable" cubes.