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Thread: How to use Terrain Paint?

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    Default How to use Terrain Paint?

    Hey folks,

    Pretty new to dimensions! I want to change the floor of my current dimension (Infinity Gate) to a flatter, more natural look, Which I assume Terrain Paint is for?

    My question is how do I apply the Terrain Paint, or am I going about this completely incorrectly!
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    There are a number of ways to change the floor.....from rocks...building blocks etc....but if you want to use terrain paint...you just place it into your dimension as you would any other item.

    It then creates a circle (sort of) of whatever paint you have used onto the floor. Be wary though, terrain paints also cover up building blocks too....and some walls (such as the Brevanic Terrace wall items).
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    Welcome to the addiction.

    If you're wanting to flatten out the natural terrain of Infinity Gate, it may require an overlay of rocks. If you use the big Ashoran Mountains, they'll take a terrain paint afterward to change the look of the rocks.

    Terrain Paint only changes the appearance of the texture its over, it won't actually reshape it, which is what it reads kind of like you want to do.
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    A couple of things to remember about Terrain paint. It doesn't make the surface flater or smoother, just the illusion. Also you may need to crank your graphics up to see it.

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    Hi, have some video guides if needed at Rift Dream Dimensions.

    Part One - Advanced Settings
    Part Two - Items & Placement

    Assuring you can see them is always a bonus plus here's an old video in case your a visual like me that begins at 4.40 showing how Terrain paints look/work.

    Have fun!

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    If you don't want to cover the plants/rocks/items on the terrain paint, stick it into the floor. Terrain paints have a top and a bottom, if you stick them far enough into the ground, it only cover the ground not the items on top of it. But if you do this, you can only mark them later by using the itemlist.
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    Good advise from all here. If you want to create an even ground, I suggest try using Rectangles or Tiles, also you can use the large flooring tiles. It will cover up the existing floor though.

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