An idea for down the road ...

If players could gift certain cash shop items to one another by killing a mob in a Dimension, we could have player created adventures with rewards. Player created pve Dimensions could be a way to look at it. For pvp Dimensions, Warfront Charges could be given randomly to the winning team. The idea is to take any bonus or item I could gift and offer that as a reward for killing the matched mob in my Dimension or winning a Dimension pvp deathmatch. Also, any Dimension mob kill gift should be a cash shop item, something that had to be earned through pve, or a rare crafting material to keep things simple, relevant and prevent abuse.

For the pve type of Dimensions, to spawn the mobs use a system that requires three key elements to work. A spawn point that the mob will spawn at, an item that when used in a dimension will trigger the spawning of the matched mob at the spawn point (I call this a charge), and finally the mob itself which has some key things defined like a 15 minute life span, unique instance etc. So for instance, the player buys and places the spawn point in the dimension and this is a permanent location like any other dimension object. Then the player buys a charge that when executed in the dimension with the matched spawn point will create a mob at that spawn point. The equivalent cost of the charge would be the reward of the mob as the minimum. Gate it with weekly quests if needed and use a dual token purchase requirement to buy the item. The cost is the weekly reward token and the gift. This system could be used for giving things like chests, dungeon charges, warfront charges. Give the mobs a finite life span and at the expiration of their life the reward and other token are mailed to the dimension owner.

Also for the pve dimensions, the same spawn system could be used for mobs that yield crafting materials as gifts or crafted items. The con of the mob matches the tier of the gift for crafted items and rares. The crafting trainers could offer quests that give the mob spawn charge as something developing crafters could do. The requirements of the quest could be creation of the crafted item to be gifted and would be tradeable on the broker. Make the crafted gift charge tradeable to keep interest up in lower tier crafting and give the lower tier crafters and traders another avenue for sales. The crafted gift charges could also be matched to tiers so for instance I could set up a level 20 Dimension that gave out level 20 crafted rewards and so on. That alone could increase the number of Dimensions people build. People could set up Calling themed dungeons if each Calling's crafted set of gear were available as a set of mobs that yielded them as rewards.

To get people there, set up a new window for Dimension adventuring. Connect logged in Dimension owners to players looking for alternate adventures through this window using a flag on the window to indicate Dimension adventure mob charges are available. The adventurer contacts the Dimension owner and they enter the Dimension together, the owner executes the charge and the rest is up to the adventurer. If the adventurer fails, the mob expires and the charge is mailed back to the Dimension owner.

The pvp reward system would be trickier and could be omitted because of any issues with balance and progression. That being said, it could also be a nice way for players to help others with their pvp grinds by gifting WF charges and increase interest in Dimension pvp.

Way down the road this could be an interesting way for players to help one another with their excess materials and spread interest in Dimension exploring by the general playerbase. If builders and donors worked together we could see really large projects but that's just an optimistic guess. We have gifting with Nightmare Rifts in a way but this is a much more direct approach and it gets people in our Dimensions which is what I want.