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Thread: Are there any guilds based on Dimensions?

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    Question Are there any guilds based on Dimensions?

    Hello! I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong forum for this, but I don't know how to post in the guild recruitment section.

    I've been playing Rift for awhile now, and I've come to realize that the Dimensions are my favorite part of the game! That got me thinking that maybe there are guilds out there that are dimension-based. Maybe a guild that holds dimension contests, has people that I can share my creative ideas with, and a fun, mature group that I can make a few friends on.

    I was having trouble manually finding a dimension based guild on the forums or on the guild finder, and was hoping this would bring in more luck. I'm an easy-going 25 year old guy looking for a fun group of dimension enthusiasts. Any information on guilds would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    Hi there...

    While I do not know of any personally, if you are on the EU shards, then Unity on Gelidra certainly has a lot of active dimesionherds in that guild. The guild I am in is a very social/casual guild...but I'm pretty much the only one with any real interest in dimensions there.

    It might be wise (if you have not already done so) to join the addicts channel for your region which would be:

    dimensionaddicts@zaviel (for EU)
    dimensionaddicts@deepwood (For US)

    That might be a more productive way to meet more like-minded people and get into a guild where there are more active people building. Hopefully more people will respond to this who are in such guilds.
    Dimensions on Zaviel:

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