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Thread: Izbithu's Demise DIM glitched?

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    Default Izbithu's Demise DIM glitched?

    I was wondering if the new Dimension "Izbithu's Demise" is glitched. If I run into the main "mouth", i enter a tunnel that goes way way back, far beyond the above ground edge of the DIM. If I go right to the back of the tunnel - it spams the message "This Scene is locked" - and ports me back to the entry point. What I am wondering is, will items placed in the part of the tunnel past the DIM boundary stay there? Is it actually part of the Dim or not?
    I have been very un-impressed with the Nightmare Tide Dimensions, except for this one, which may have some possiblities. Curious if anyone knows about all this.

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    I asked the same question earlier with no answers. Anything I placed there is still there but that's not always a guarantee it will stay that way. I look at placing things outside the dim like gambling... Don't do more than you are willing to lose...

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    I am building in this next running around in it as I type. I get the same message and I;m trying to remember if its the actual same out in Telara will check later. I do like we get ported that adds a whole new Dimension to the Dimension I also love how it breathes BUT the snow is snowing on the inside like "back in the old days" Would really appreciate the weather blocking updates already implemented to save using items to do so.

    EDIT: Ignore my removing snow suggestion it adds more options having it there, better to weather block.
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