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Thread: Faratha the Draumkent Items Wow

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    Default Faratha the Draumkent Items Wow

    I have been meaning to post this for a while now. The Draumkent lights are amazing. As I run through the city's I wanted to screen shot everything and post I wanted this and this and this. However my post would be 50 miles long so i will say.

    When you choose more items. I would like every statue, wall hanging, wall, all of the filigree orbs, decorations, floors, stair railings, stairs, fountains. Everything in the city's is absolutely gorgeous. I want it all. You guys so out did yourselves in details.

    I am so jealous you got to play and build with those items. I want them in real life I love them so much.

    You be sure to tell everyone who crated this expansion, awesome, amazing, and every other word used to describe beautiful there is.

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    Yep on 3.0 test forums I think I posted my jaw hit the floor on the lights within the first 5 mins of being in alpha they are so gorgeous. I love the metal statues throughout the whole game but the tarnished metal especially is my fave (love the metal ship and metal tiles we get from minions also) ... makes up for those illusive lockbox copper statues I have yet to attain for sure lol

    Kudos added to the awesome designs throughout Nightmare Tide creative team!
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    I am so impressed with Draumheim and the dimension items too, the emphasis of Art Nouveau everywhere made me very happy, it's my favorite style of art, and I love how you have Rift-ized it!

    Definitely curious if we will see more dimension items at some point like the house/architecture of some of the buildings, I would love to decorate inside one of those... or a couple.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitasia View Post
    You be sure to tell everyone who crated this expansion, awesome, amazing, and every other word used to describe beautiful there is.
    I couldn't agree more!

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    The art assets not just in Draumheim but in all the new zones are incredible, and I cannot wait until we start seeing some of them as dimension items. A few I'd really, really like to have....

    The mermaids that aren't pregnant (nothing against pregnant mermaids, but variety is the spice of life!)

    The lawn gnomes from the quest in Goboro where you kill the dream furniture

    The statues of Akylios (OMG, yes, please!) that are all over the place...but not necessarily the snowy ones from Tarken Glacier

    The filigree arches, the tiles, the benches, the boxes, the vases...

    You get the idea.

    Beautiful work on these assets and these zones.
    Dimensions on Greybriar and Zaviel


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    +1 for the gnomes hehe...I really really need one....

    Also, I forget the area, but the reused the abandoned temple and redid the textures....white and black on the wall edges/pillars...utterly delectable...please please....
    Dimensions on Zaviel:

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