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Thread: Harrow Crypt entrance point

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    Default Harrow Crypt entrance point

    I was really hoping they would of set the Dimensional entry point to the front of the chapel, instead of the crypts. Had my wife look through the dimension and she didn't even notice the chapel, because it was behind the entrance point. I know there are dimensional entrance replacements, but 750 creds for that is insane.

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    Just my own view...but I would imagine the majority of people would use the crypt as the main base of the dimension, and not the chapel, hence why it is where it is.

    But then, entry points of many dimensions seems erratic at times to say the least....
    Dimensions on Zaviel:

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    She can buy the chapel and put it inside another dimension, just a thought.

    I actually like the entrance point on Harrow Crypt.

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    I think it's a question of taste...one will build inside the crypt and one will build inside the chapel...wouldn say theres any majority's fav.

    so the dimension entrance is in the middle...between crypt and church...seems fair to me.

    as mentioned...u can move the spawn by replacing it with the shop item "dimension-entrance-point" (something like that). Sooner or later u will want to buy one for playing around.^^

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