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Thread: Thoughts on Nightmare Tide

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    Default Thoughts on Nightmare Tide

    Live at last! My minions are already being whipped into action on their missions and have a couple of the longer ones current at the moment for dimension items. Really curious to see what comes out of it. Like the shall-not-be-mentioned Mystery Boxes, the minion mission rewards hold the same glee as opening presents. Only this time not with a huge credit outlay!

    I do a game blog concerning my time in Rift and also WoW, and have done a short review of NT, including some details about dimension items. I'm sure most of you know these details already but here's the blog link anyway, in case any are interested http://thenecklaceofevilfaces.wordpress.com/

    So far, really happy with the xpac and enjoying questing in it. Did some fishing and got some dimension plants. There seem to be tons of fishing nodes, which is great, and the fishing level requirement isn't top.

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    Nice overview in your blog post.

    I haven't got too far into it yet, this is probably because I have about 1 to 2 hours to log in each day this week. So far, I really really like the minions, and the quest story has been interesting too. I had a pretty good experience with the character boost, everything went really smoothly except for somehow not having access to the SL Souls on my new boosted Cleric, but I've got a ticket submitted. I'll be happy when I have a full night of sitting down and playing through it.

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    I took a look at my daughter's Shadow Scion dim, and decided I have to have the $150 CE on my second account. I have so many ideas for it - and here I thought I wouldn't like it at all....

    My daughter, being the sweetheart she is, is sending me over half the cost as an early birthday present! *rubs hands in glee*

    Minions: fun, nifty little mini-game, and so far I've seen some fairly nice dim items, a couple of which I've never seen anywhere before (and since I'm not in game, of course I can't think what they are! *sigh*).

    I foresee trion getting a TON of money out of me for credits....

    Enjoyed your blog post, btw!
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    Awesome read Velaxis I can't explore the new area yet, as I'm still too low, but I love the minions being live now

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