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Thread: Formally announcing: Neoga's Wyndfalls on Greybriar

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    Default Formally announcing: Neoga's Wyndfalls on Greybriar

    This one IS my 1st DIM. Though it has been ++ it has never been promoted. Time to change this. There are things I would do differently ofc and someday probably will.

    Now for a little side lore if I may...

    Wyndfalls, was a seat of knowledge and learning that extended from the coast to (and allied with) Hammerknell. For this reason among others it became a target of the Guardians (who established the camp at Three Springs with an eye to conquest as an educated populace was not in their best interest). The last king, Wyndflyte lies buried there. So beloved was he that the riches buried with him were never looted and the forest and elements themselves gathered around his mausoleum to protect his remains and memory.

    The mage that betrayed him lies there as well. After killing Wynd, he who cannot be named was beheaded his body bound by the four elements and death. Active lightning was invoked to prevent any from removing the wards. His head and organs bound in a separate building, a magical fire preventing his spirit from returning to his mind.

    Lyte, a one time competitor of the king who eventually became his first knight. Is buried in the mausoleum next to the king. Time has caused people to forget him but it was he who beheaded the mage even though it cost him his own life.

    There remains a secret Mossy school as further tribute, the sages tower was warded even after his death and so is no longer used. Cannon from the final assault still in place. The docks and ships in the bay are a poor reflection of what was once a great trading fleet.

    More recently a house was built on the ruins of the old estate (only the war room is original) and an inn established with night club *(still under work) because of the growing tourist trade.

    When you visit, can you find the king's mausoleum and that of his 1st night? The sages imprisonment in death, the tree house the crypt keepers house, the Mossy school. The sages tower and gun emplacements and the night club. Have a drink at the night club and dance a little if so inspired. And ofc the main house.

    When most of this was built I had never hear of morphing. But it was a fun learning exercise.

    Thanks for visiting.

    PS> Now if there was just a way to join Moonshade Pools with Three Springs as if they were one dimension.... Siiiigh ;)

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    I hope you get more visitors to your dimension with this post, it really is worth the look.
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    I am on Greybriar, so I'll come have a look when the patching is done!

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    Managed to find time tonight to start looking at all the new dims that have been mentioned on here.

    I really like the idea of this one Neoga. As a storyteller myself, I love it when there's a tale behind a dimension, and finding all the storytelling clues in the landscape.

    Personally, given that you have a good atmosphere for the dim, that you've built up via your story, I'd leave out the 'modern' night club. It might just be me, but I don't feel it fits the theme, which is otherwise wonderfully fantastical! Perhaps think of something slightly different for the tourists?

    Had fun exploring and discovering all the nooks and crannies you described in your post.

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    Very nice dimension and a fantastic story to go with it
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