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Thread: Any talk of allowing all dims to buy up to existing max item count?

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    Default Any talk of allowing all dims to buy up to existing max item count?

    Anyone hear talk from the devs of allowing all dims to buy up to existing max item count of 5k that is currently available to some dimensions?

    Or perhaps adding another tier to item count in 3.0?

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    I hope so, I need more space! :P

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    The item count dilemma has been a favorite topic forever. Is higher item count worth longer graphics rendering times? My Magic 8-Ball says, "Reply hazy, try again later." Let the re-debate commence!

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    This has already been addressed by Faratha:

    Quote Originally Posted by Faratha View Post
    Hi, folks!

    As always, I understand your frustrations about item limits. A few things to be aware of -

    We would love to be able to give you higher item limits. I am not kidding. We've upped the item limits every time we could. We want you to have a wonderful time in RIFT. We want you to be able to build your dreams. And of course we'd love to sell you more dimension items.

    Those of you who've worked close to our highest item limit - 5000 items for a maxed-out top-level guild dimension - know why we don't up the limit further. When you start working in the thousands of items, bugs start cropping up, the least of which is lag. Certain types of items cause different problems even sooner. (Would we like to fix these bugs? Yes.)

    Remember that RIFT wasn't originally made with dimensions in mind. We've had to bend the rules to get dimensions to work, and we improve what we can when we can. I am proud and happy that we've gotten dimensions to where they are.

    Why not let every dimension have 5000 items?
    • A dimension's item limit determines its price. Dimensions with lower item limits are more affordable. They serve as both a gateway to dimensioneering and a design challenge to experienced dimensioneers.
    • The more active (being-visited) dimensions there are on your server, and the more items there are in those dimensions, the more work your server has to do. So more placed items could mean more lag for everyone on your server. We don't want to limit your dimension-visiting ability.

    Why is my item limit so small in my big dimension?
    • What drives item limits is server load caused by items, not a dimension's volume. Think of it this way: the reason most dimensions have such small volumes is because they'd otherwise "feel empty" given our necessary item limits! When I do make a big-volume dimension with a normal item limit (there are no huge dimensions with truly small item limits), my goal is to give you more space to choose where to build.
    From: http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...acement-2.html

    There hasn't been anything said about 3.0, but I would very much be surprised if anything has changed. Honestly, with Faratha in charge of minions, crafting and dimensions, I wonder if she's not tapped out and stretched thin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feendish View Post
    Honestly, with Faratha in charge of minions, crafting and dimensions, I wonder if she's not tapped out and stretched thin.
    Faratha was involved in crafting before Dimensions, she is also the "culprit" of my favorite weapon in Trove the pink flamingo (still hoping this can be attained at the highest of levels so one can wear it forever!) along with many other genius Trion things (Dreamweaving, PvP Dimensions with Pithos etc) I would not under estimate her energy levels or Trion creative teams ability to work within all teams (UI, Database, Engineering etc.) It truly is mind boggling how it all comes together.

    Well orchestrated designing need a maestro and in this case we have a Multi-Dimensional one heh.
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