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Thread: Chosing a shard

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    Default Chosing a shard

    I want to begin making my own dimensions, but I wonder
    what would be the best EU shard to host a dimension on?
    Most seem underpopulated and I'm currently on Brutwacht,
    but I don't know any german...
    Also, do you still lose +1's when moving shards?

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    Hi there!

    Unfortunately you do lose your votes :/ As for which shard is the most populated/better one for dimensions I can't really tell. I know Gelidra has a large population, a bit larger than Zaviel if I'm not mistaken.
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    If you'd like to join us on Gelidra, in Unity ChII, we're happy to have you join our team of budding dim builders. Our current collection includes Ralitza, Poppie, Shallow, Kollette, Zarahaana, Polynomia, Ajalle and lots more.
    Feel free to drop us a line here or in-game. And whatever shard you end up on make sure to be in touch with the community by typing: /join dimensionaddicts@zaviel
    Dimension Builder.

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    Unfortunately you do lose your +1's :/ I moved over to Gelidra a week or 2 ago and lost all mine. Its not the end of the world though, you can always get +1's again and I imagine its quite tough being on a German shard if you don't speak German!
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