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Thread: New Dimension LV-426

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    Default New Dimension LV-426

    For those who have not been following Feendish's Contest Thread, I would like to officially open my new Dimension and entry to that contest. It is called "LV-426" on Deepwood, and is based on the movie "Aliens". It is a recreation of the scene where Ripley enters the terraforming station in order to rescue Newt. Follow the flares as you travel from the elevator to the final chamber with the Alien Queen.
    I had a lot of fun making this build, and I want to thank Feendish for the awesome contest that led to it's creation. Don't forget to visit all the other wonderful DIM's also built for this contest.

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    Rift Master Seyler's Avatar
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    I really like that it's made in a way that you can almost get lost, like when watching the movie you can never know your way in all that maze like structure with many corridors. I can tell it was a lot of work and I think you did a splendid job. The queen is very scary

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    Default As an Alien junkie...

    I 1+'d the hell out of this dimension.
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    Well done mate loved it
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    It has been Fun most of all a learning experience that i am sure will never end .
    Odin Tea Ah 2016.

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    Your entry into the contest is amazing Zillaan, the queen is awesome! I so need to watch the movies again, it's been too long ago

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    Being a die-hard Alien fan, I love, love, love this Dim! *kudos!

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