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Thread: The "WTT" Want To Trade - Dimensions - Project

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    Default Thrift Shops.

    I never thought of putting "wtt" with the name of the dim. I did however open three dimensions that have lots of items that are free for everyone. For those on Faeblight just search CheyChey in the search box and all my open shops will appear. Everyone on another shard i do post when i am on and the shops are stocked. Feel free to hit me up when you see it posted.

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    Plane Touched Coldsprite's Avatar
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    Default Looking for the following

    I need a ton of the following and can pay or trade for them:

    Flat-topped Overhang
    Bulbous Cliffside Overhang
    Mossy Cliffside Rock
    Straight Cliffside Rock
    Curved Cliffside Rock
    Copse of Pines
    Ring of Pines

    I'm on Coldsprite@Greybriar!

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    Hello all.

    I'm in need of quite a few items for my ever expanding dim:

    > Small Dirt and Rubble Pile 02 (Lots! ~50-60)
    > Necropolis Pillars
    > Dying Bushes (Lots!)
    > Small Dying Bushes (Lots!)
    > Pedestal Gravestones
    > Skeletons 01-05 (02's and 05's mostly for now. I'll likely need more of the others at a later point)
    > Iron Braziers with Blue Flame
    > Infernal Stairs

    -- EDIT --
    > Poison Vapor and Bubbles (~25-35)

    There's more items I'll need for my dim, but these are my immediate needs. Again, I can be reached via PM here or Dalren@Faeblight to talk about trades or purchases.

    Much appreciated.
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