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Thread: Returning Player with a few Dimension questions!

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    Default Returning Player with a few Dimension questions!

    Hey everyone,

    I started playing Rift way back when, and had to leave after Storm Legion because of work. Now that I have time to play again, one of the first things I did after logging back in was head to my dimension, GM Island.

    When I left, I had 14-15 +1s, including the free one you can give to your own dimension. When I returned, however, they were all gone, including the one I gave myself. It's fine if all the +1s I received are gone, but is there a way to get the one I gave it back so it's not just sitting at zero?

    Also, I noticed the nice amounts of dimension items we receive from the daily and weekly rewards and have added a number of them to my dimension. Today I was in my main's dimension on my alt and saw I still had the edit ability, but I couldn't place any of the items from my alt character's bags into my main character's dimension.

    Being that both characters are played by the same guy - me - is there a way to add those items to my main's dimension? I already have eleventy billion trees in there, but would like to add a few more, including the Autumn tree items that my alts have in their bags.

    Thank you!

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    The +:s are probably gone if you were moved from your old shard to a new one.

    The dimension items you are talking about are probably bound on pickup and can not be placed on other dimension then the dimension that character owns. That means also your alts. But you can buy more of those items from the in-game shop and dimension category. I think the category inside dimension section is called Loyalty.

    Hope this helps,

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    Welcome back!

    I'm guessing that the items you're referring to are from Loyalty and are therefore soulbound. Every character on your account will receive all those dimension items (as well as all the other goodies), and they will be soulbound to that character. Alts can move those items within a dimension but only the owner can place or pick up.

    Regarding lost votes, I'm guessing your shard was merged since the last time you logged in; one of the effects of shard mergers and character transfers now is a reset of all dimension votes.

    Hope that's helpful.
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