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Thread: Sky projectors (and in-game skies) - horizon issues

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    Default Sky projectors (and in-game skies) - horizon issues

    Sky projectors (and in-game skies) - horizon issues-2014-08-28_211443.jpg

    Have there ever been any official comments on why all the skies end somewhere above the horizon in dimensions? Is it supposed to simulate "ground" in the distance, is it supposed to be the actual horizon, or is it just an oversight?

    This happens with pretty much all skies, and it happens even outside of dimensions (for example in Steppes of Infinity, world or CQ version, you can get into places where you see it ending just like you can see it here on my Shoreward Island screenshot).

    I can't really explain it to myself as a conscious design decision, because if it was, the lower part should have followed the color scheme of the fog the distant buildings and objects turn into, but the color is really jarring in almost all the skies (I think only air or water has it blend into a similarly colored bluish hue).

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    Well, I'm no help here on why it is the way it is. Personally I can only find a use for those certain projectors if I am hidding most of the terrain or distant landscape, but thats just me.

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