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Thread: Dimension slot bug?

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    Default Dimension slot bug?

    Hello all, I have come to report a small problem I am having with my dimension keys, I have the normal active 2 slots for keys (Wardens point and Black garden). Both of those were active. So i decided that i wanted two new keys so i bought and claimed the Faen's retreat and Fetid plains key. From what I can see is only three keys besides the Faen's key. I thought maybe I hadn't claimed it because I could not find it on my inactive dimensions tab OR in the active ones. I was really confused so I asked a guildmate if she could see if I even HAD the key active, sure enough she said she found it and went inside. It is weird because I cannot find the key anywhere in my "[" dimensions tab. I even hopped on my alt and was even able to go to the Faen's retreat. I just cant find the key! Please help, thank you.

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    This happened to me a couple nights ago, I could see my dimension in the public lists but not in the area where my keys were, I resolved my issue by buying another key slot, but I didn't need a new slot because when I logged out the previous night all my keys were fine, apparently something has become bugged since last patch. I would open a ticket asap - go to your Help menu and contact a GM.

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