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Thread: 2 new dimensions~ Wolfsbane

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    Default 2 new dimensions~ Wolfsbane

    Hi all, I have been busy finishing up 2 new dimensions

    1. "Siren's Seduction" ~ by my main here, the siren music box was just too beautiful sounding not to have a dimension dedicated to it, its smaller then my usual but I really had fun doing it!

    2. Wild West" ~ by my alt Fantasa, (needed a second Anywhere dimension user!)

    I was getting close to limit so I could not include many buildings that I wanted to add like a school, restaurant, post office, and railway station (and a railway ) -.-
    It was a lot of fun to do if anyone is interested in checking any of these out, that's excellent

    I had a strong urge to work on dimensions that past few weeks (took a break from ffxiv and from prepping for WoD), and finally have got my fix of it for now!

    Rift is by far the best place to let loose creativity, and I am thankful for the dimension design of this game.

    I hope everyone else is enjoying their dimensions too,I have seen quite a few on various servers now that look so well thought out!

    On a side note to Trion: Please increase item limit one day, so many of my own and others I have seen at max limit and you can tell things just "stopped"

    Come on Trion...lag or not, we need to have more space!! Gotta get that sorted please

    I rarely ever make it to forums or back to check up on anything so everyone please do enjoy the game in your own way and see you in cyberspace!

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    Hi, in this moment i visit your Dimensions.^^ At first I visit Wild West wich is a really beautiful Dimension, I like the landscape the most. But Siren's Seduction is really really awesome, it's so beautiful and unique....your idea for this Dimension is really cool. I was totally flashed as I entered this Dimension....great work
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    I visited all your dimensions, my favorites are Wild West and Hallow's End, I really like how you created the atmosphere that fits the title and stuck to it throughout the build and every little detail adds to the whole. Nice work!

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    Im very interested to see the wild west dimension, but Im not gonna go see it before I finish mine. I dont want to feel like im copying

    My wild west is about half way done, but my work is interrupted by a request to help out on the guild dimension.

    I will definately go and see this one when Iv finished mine.

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    Sounds interesting Alleriana~ I'll be over tonight to take a peek!

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    Your Wild West dimension felt really authentic, the landscape and buildings are spot on and the atmosphere was perfect, loved the chicken coop!

    I look forward to seeing what you build when you return to Rift.

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    I've visited both your dimensions and both were amazing! I love the details in your Wild West town, but I think I really, really fell in love with your magical, seductive Siren's dim.

    What an amazing build. It really feels like you are underwater. I leaped off the life leaf, only to be stopped in midair... excellent use of invisible tiles! Beautiful dim!

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