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Thread: My dimension item wish list for Trion.

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    Telaran Aurowyn's Avatar
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    Apr 2013

    Default My dimension item wish list for Trion.

    round flat discs in building blocks
    snow drifts
    frozen pond
    more variety in winter plants/trees
    panes of glass/sheets of ice
    gigantic rib cages
    pointy bones and/or wing structures
    wall hangings
    picture frames
    rope.. coiled, curved, straight, knotted
    narrow curved building blocks, especially wood
    thatching material
    more roof and wall materials
    snowy roof parts
    flat glowy things
    translucent things

    more scalability in existing objects - 2 is usually not very useful
    unidirectional scaling.

    I would LOVE the ability to dye/paint dim items

    Please add more dimension fishing treasures

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    Rift Disciple Sumanitutaka's Avatar
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    Dec 2011

    Default My Wishlist too

    Good list Aurowyn, you have some of mine too, thanks for starting this thread as I've just come in to start one.
    For some awesome wall decorating ideas, and much more, take a look at this youtube vid of Valzen @Greybriar AWESOME Dimension, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqVvmyZUWik by Kiwi .Dream.. Love those vids.


    Ropes and chains, for connecting/tying things down.
    Rings/links, large medium, small.. (Small being avatar wrist size.)

    And for Couples;
    Furniture with couples poses?.. Or more /commands like: /lay on right side, /lay on left side, /lay on back, /lay on stomach, /lay spread eagle etc?

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    Telaran Aurowyn's Avatar
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    Apr 2013


    Um, not sure where the poses fall into dims, but ok..

    Anyway, a couple of more thoughts.. Would be nice to be able to rotate sky projectors so the sky actually rotated.

    Vines that wrap around things would be nice.

    height gauge like the distance one.
    more range on the distance meter.

    Did I mention more expandibility for dims?

    Oh, thanks for the link.. awesome stuff there.
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    Rift Disciple Sumanitutaka's Avatar
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    Dec 2011

    Default OK, Poses

    Poses, well we can now marry in Rift, we can send a /hug, a /kiss. We can even emote using /me inserting the other players name, but, so far there is very little else for couples in game especially for our dimensions.

    My Rift partner and I love to end our day together, in a dimension, say our good nights and share a few thoughts on the day. It would be an awesome addition to have couples interactive seating and beds etc. Some of us cannot be together in real life so a seat for couples to cuddle, for example, in dimensions would make the cyber reality a tad more closer to expressing how we feel for each other. Plus it would make better screenshots for those of us who just are into keeping photo albums of our Rift lives . We might be seen strange by some, but we are old softies at heart and would love to be more interactive in dimensions. I'm sure there are more who would love them too.

    Screenshot taken inside an Alts (Skinreaper) Dimension 'Dungeon of Sweet Desires/Empyrean Mill' on Wolfsbane Shard.

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    Nov 2013

    Default Poses for couples....yes please do !!!

    i am also for the poses for couples.Great wish lists to you Aurowyn and Sumanitutaka. Couples furniture as well.....would make the photo albums much easier to do. It is nice to end my day with my RIFT Partner but it is difficult to capture things in the albums...furniture is glitchy one of us is almost always on the floor under the bed....larger more couple appropriate furnishings would be awesome. Poses are also tricky to do due to the fixed singular poses of the Avatars.

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