Hi everyone, I've been away from forums a little bit lately, have been working way too much these past weeks and trying like crazy to get my Summerfest quests complete before it all ends. I just wanted to give a little update about Dimension Gallery, sorry if this seems spammy, I hate spam really.

There is a new story series "Rowena's Tale" written by the very talented Agrona. It is currently at Chapter 6. Join Rowena on her thrilling adventures across Telara, where she hopes to find fame and fortune. The first installment begins with Rowena trying to make her way out of the frozen north. You can follow the series as it unfolds here.

I've been making wallpapers of various areas around RIFT, because I just can't keep my finger off the Print Screen button, lol. One of the questions I wanted to ask you all is, would you want to see your fellow builders dimensions made into wallpapers? Would this be OK with the community or would that be overstepping my welcome? I would of course put the name of dimension, shard and the owners name on the wallpaper.

And finally, I've recently added an interview form on the website for the
"Featured Dimensioneer", the primary reason for the change was to make it easier for the participant to complete the form and faster for me to receive the information to post it. I have been sending in-game mails to persons who I would love to interview but unfortunately I don't have a character on every shard that has the coin to mail messages, so there are some people I can't reach out to, but I will try to send a message through the RIFT forums here, and if I don't get a message to you, please feel free to complete the form. I want everyone to have the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas, and I think we all enjoy reading each others stories. The interviews will continue to post each Sunday, so long as we have active participants, currently the interviews are 3 weeks scheduled out and I'd like to see more of you there, I'm scheduling them as a first come, first serve, makes it easier for me to decide who gets posted.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I can't wait to build something with these beautiful gazebos, many thanks to the Devs for adding all these new shiny dimension items, loving the Patron perk changes too!