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Thread: just have to say

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    Default just have to say

    I love this community.

    really often I wish that there were personal "visitor's books" in dims so that I can leave a note about the things that make me smile, giggle and give inspiration. I know that there is the "must see " thread, I just wish every dimension could have their own guest book. I send mail to owners as often as possible but wish everyone could see the praise being projected.

    I'll end where I began... I love this group whose goals are to build each other up as much as we do our creations:-)

    Thanks guys for being part of my world

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    100% agree. Though it might not always be a positive experience to be able to leave comments, I can imagine some might not be very nice with it ruining enjoyment. We started working on it as an Add On along with PvP Dimensions Ranking Add On but unfortunately time and effort got outweighed by real life.

    The Guild Finder system needs updates, it seems to be redundant filled with too many guilds that are no longer active. I wonder sometimes if a similar set of equations could be put together for a guest book. Understanding how much work goes into these things since working with Kikimora on Dimension Tools though I get the priority.

    It is so sweet you leave mail for the owners, I'm one of those "old fashioned" visitors that likes to go with the owner but unfortunately I do not have as much time as I would like to do so. I'll take this opportunity to thank everyone who contacts me, sorry if I miss catching up with you! The Dimension Community has always been filled with yummy people and even at times when there have been misunderstandings it has always been obvious that passionate caring people build Telara and beyond.
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    If ine really impressed I send an in game mail. That's the closest thing. I wish I could code an add-on... but I expect to get something fro me to you (example) it would no longer be player side and would have to go thru the server. Not like the rp add-on where it can register others personal files....

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    I totally agree, The dimensional community is outstanding. I never been so welcomed and treated with respect and understanding, that I also wish I could express and give more to all of you.

    The idea of leaving a message for people in there dimensions is a perfect idea and well worth the time and effort to be incorporated. Even if the message system is in the form of a mailbox, seperate from our normal mail and only a system that allows verbal communication, I honestly could see this happen. The Developers could make an initial and permenant item in the cash shop for dimensioneer's to buy and place in their dim where they want. This in turn will allow others to see and use it, sending only a text mail to the owner. The owner then can easily pick up the mail from the mailbox within their own dimension, at the mailbox. A seperate tab could be added for visitors that actually visit your dim with an unlimited holding cell. Maybe even add a count beside their name.

    Example: Auril (5)

    Sorry if I am windy, just thought to give my input in how it could work and maybe a dev will see this and help created your dream.

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    100% agree with you all! Matter of fact, I received an mail in game the other day, by a person who visited my Fallout dim, complimenting me on the build. It totally floored me and made my day.

    Usually, I'm leaving mails for builders or try to see if they are in the dim chat or try to whisper them, if a certain build impressed me so much that if I don't talk to the builder, I would burst! LOL

    The best part involved in receiving this mail is... I met another player and made a new friend.

    It certainly would be awesome, if we could sign a guest book in a dimension. Not sure how this would work out, or if that's even feasible, so I guess the mailbox is the next best thing and we should try and utilize it more.

    The dimension community here is amazing!
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