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Thread: The Dream Weavers Palace - The Story

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    Default The Dream Weavers Palace - The Story

    The Dream Weaver’s Palace
    by Agrona

    The rushing water of the falls surrounding the small fishing village, located in the Moonshade Highlands, ensured an abundance of fresh fish in the small ponds. The familiar sound underscored the daily village life and most of the dwarves didn’t even notice it anymore.
    Mathias Fisherson stood lost in thoughts atop one of the platforms near the pond. At first he had thought to fish a while, but the rod still leaned against the railing, untouched. His gaze was focused on a distant point far, far across the shimmering ocean, which stretched out endlessly below the valley.

    Many thanks again to Agrona for lending her talent to write a story for my dimension. Pictures are posted in an earlier thread if there is anyone who hasn't seen it yet, plus it is open to visitors on the Faeblight server

    What lies beyond it? He wondered not for the first time.

    “Hoi, Mathias,” someone called, but Mathias didn’t react.

    “Mathias,” the voice closer now, and then he felt hands on his shoulders, shaking him out of his reverie.

    He turned around with a frown and glared at the woman who had interrupted his thoughts.
    “What is it now, Zaira?” He grumbled, still frowning.

    But Zaira only laughed, because she knew her brother rather well. With hands on her plumb, but shapely hips, she tilted her head and just looked at Mathias.

    “Well, dear Brother, you were supposed to bring me fish for breakfast. Yet here you are, just daydreaming again and the rod hasn’t even touched the water yet. What is it that you find so wonderful about this big puddle of water?” she said and her laugh lines around her mouth and eyes deepened with her big smile.

    “Don’t call it that. It’s much more than a puddle, you know that,” Mathias retorted and turned away from his sister, to gaze at the ocean once more. “Can you just imagine the distant lands? What sort of people live there? What adventures we could have…,” his voice trailed off and for a moment only the rushing of the falls could be heard.

    Zaira’s smile dissipated like the early morning fog with the rising of the sun. Softly, she placed her right hand on his arm and turned him towards her.

    “You know I don’t like it when you talk like this,” she admonished him quietly. “Our lives are here, this is all we need,” she said. “Do not think of leaving me,” she added under her breath, as she walked back to the little mossy hut they shared.

    Mathias sighed deeply, for they had this same argument many times over. Zaira would never understand what drew him into the world and he had no idea why she was content, living in this tiny village with nothing to do, but fish.

    Every time he brought up leaving this area, he also felt guilty, because he knew that he was all the family Zaira had left. He hoped that she would find a suitable mate soon, and then he would be free to travel across Telara.

    Maybe I can help that process along, he wondered.

    For a moment, he stood there with tilted head, combing through his thick beard, trying to figure out which of the unmarried males had expressed interest in his sister. Unfortunately, none came to mind.

    By Bahralt, there has to be someone, he thought and suddenly his face lit up with a smile. Mathias hurried down the stairs of the platform and went straight to the home of Owin Flameworker, the local runesmith.

    He found Owin behind the house, working a piece of iron in the hot forge. Besides being known to create runes of great power, Owin was also the best weapon smith around. Sparks flew into the air, as Owin struck the metal with his large hammer. The heat of the forge and the smell of smelting iron almost took Mathias’ breath away. He clapped his right hand in front of his nose and mouth, but he realized he wouldn’t be able to call out to Owin, who hadn’t noticed him yet. Mathias moved away from the forge and turned towards the mountains, with their ever cascading falls. Fresh, clean air wafted towards him and he inhaled deeply.

    When he turned back around, Owin had stopped his work and stood there with his hands on his hips, staring at him with raised eyebrows.

    “What?” Mathias asked sheepishly, but knew how foolish he must look, gulping air as if he was drowning.

    Owin put down his hammer and stepped out from under the roof that sheltered his large forge from the weather.

    “Ah, the smell of iron beats this mountain air any day,” he remarked rather dryly. “But I’m sure you didn’t seek me out to discuss the air quality,” he added with a sidelong glance at Mathias.

    “Well, yes, I… actually, you know,” Mathias stuttered, all of a sudden uncertain how to approach this delicate subject.

    “You see, I’m thinking of leaving and so, I… I am looking for, well for a protector or someone to look after my sister,” he finally admitted.

    For a moment, the only sound was that of rushing water and the crackling of the fire behind them, when suddenly, Owin began to laugh, a deep, long belly laugh. Mathias stared at the smith and then furrowed his brows.

    “I sure would like to know what’s so funny,” he grumbled.

    Owin finally stopped laughing and wiped the tears from his face. Then he clapped Mathias on the back.

    “Thank you friend, I haven’t had a laugh like that in a long time,” he said with a grin.
    Mathias still scowled at the smith. “Well, I’m glad I could provide you with some entertainment, but I still don’t know what brought on this gale of laughter,” he said.
    “It’s just, well I have a hard time imagining your sister in… in need…,” laughter bubbled out of Owin again, before he could finish the sentence. Yet, he tried anyway, “of… of a protector,” he managed to say between laughs and the last word exploded from him like a roar and his laughter started all over again.

    Mathias tried to be mad, but all this laughing was contagious and he couldn’t help but fall in. Owin was right; his sister basically ran the town, who would protect the others from her? And the though sent him into more fits of laughter.
    “Well, I say, you two are some happy fellows,” someone said behind them in a good-natured tone.

    Both dwarves whipped around and found Zaira standing there, with hands on hips, she looked from one dwarf to the other, shaking her head. Yet a smile played around her lips and her eyes twinkled.

    “I’ve been looking for you, Mathias. Supper is on the table,” she said and then she looked at Owin, with his black hair and black beard and soot smeared on his cheeks, and something stirred in her heart. The smith was as kind as he was strong. And out of an impulse, she couldn’t explain, she said.

    “You are more than welcome to join us, Owin. I’ve cooked enough to feed a small army,” she said and felt heat rise into her cheeks.

    Don’t be such a silly goose, she chided herself, as she turned to leave, without waiting to see if he followed them back to the house.

    Supper went by fast and both Mathias and Owin enjoyed her cooking greatly. They had a lively conversation and hardly noticed that night had fallen.

    “Well, I better get home,” Owen said with a glance out of the window. When he turned around, he took Zaira’s hand into his and looked her in the eyes. “I truly enjoyed the evening,” he said with a kind smile, before he left.

    Mathias grinned at Zaira, after Owin had left. “Well, well, I had no idea you liked that dwarf,” he said mockingly.

    Zaira only glared at him. “Good Night, Mathias,” she only said, as she blew out the lantern and they both retired to their rooms.
    The next morning dawned clear and bright. A blue sky stretched above the small fishing village and it seemed to go on forever. Not a cloud was in sight. It promised to be a grand day.

    Mathias stepped outside, raising his arms for a good stretch. He tilted his head towards the sky, to try and get the kinks out of his neck. His gaze wandered from the huge expanse of the sea to his right slowly over the hills above the village and then he froze. His arms were still extended above his head, stuck in the air, as if he had forgotten how to move them.
    Zaira had watched him through the open door.

    “Mathias, what is the matter with you?” she called out, as she walked up to him. Her brother hadn’t moved, but was still staring at whatever it was on the hill above them. And then she saw it, too.

    Owin came running up.

    “Do you see it?” he called out before he even reached them.

    Then they saw other villagers head over to the tavern. No doubt to discuss this strange vision or whatever it was. They followed the others and when they entered they were greeted by a flood of excited and also scared voices. Everybody talked at once.

    “What is it?”
    “Where did it come from?”
    “It wasn’t here last night!”

    “Quieeeeeeeet!” someone shouted into the room and in the ensuing silence, one could hear the heavy breathing of the assembled.

    “Now that I have your attention,” Bran Quickwit, Elder of the village, said in an even tone, “I will tell you what I know so far.”

    Excited murmurs went through the crowd.

    “Yes, there’s a castle up on that hill. No, I don’t rightly know who build it and no, I also don’t know how it could have been built in just one night,” he said.

    “That’s a whole lot of nothing you are telling us,” Valter, one of the assembled fishermen, said. He was known for his hot temper and so to no one’s surprise he suggested to head up the hill with their swords drawn.

    “Calm yourselves,” the Elder called out. “There’s magic at work here and we surely don’t want to anger whoever has command of such a power,” he advised and then turned to Mathias.

    “Mathias, you’ve always yearned for adventure, now here’s your chance. Your task will be to scout out that hill and find out, who or what lives in that castle,” the Elder said with such a finality, it didn’t leave any room for discussions.

    Mathias swallowed hard, before he said. “I will do as you asked.”

    Zaria’s face went from white to red to purple. “You will do no such thing!” she hollered and everyone in the tavern turned towards the brother and sister duo. Some with clear amusement written on their faces, some showed pity and others just shook their head.
    Mathias just pushed through the crowd, without answering or waiting for his sister. When he finally stood outside, he didn’t look back once, but raced up the hill and didn’t stop until he came upon a wondrous garden.

    Strange and exotic flowers grew to the left and the right of the path. Their intoxicating scents filled the air and he inhaled deeply. The castle towered above him and he slowly climbed the stairs, leading up to the front door. The building was rather intimidating, yet also beautiful. He stood in awe before its large doors, hesitating a moment before he knocked. Surely, whoever built such a lovely place couldn’t be evil or mean him harm.

    He only had to wait a moment. When the doors opened, his eyes widened and his breath got caught in his throat, because before him stood a beautiful lady with kind eyes.

    “I… I,” he stuttered, but before he could say anything else, her pearly laughter filled the air.
    “Oh my, I can only imagine how all this must appear to you and the folk down in the village,” she said good-natured and held the door open wide, inviting Mathias in. “I must apologize, for not introducing myself sooner, but it was my intent to head down to the village later today to remedy that,” she said, as she closed the large door behind them.

    She led Mathias to a most elegant sitting room and offered him tea and bread with honey, which he declined politely. His nerves had not yet quiet down and his stomach was all aflutter.

    “I am Mathias Fisherson,” he introduced himself, after they sat down. “You are right, the whole village was in a state of excitement, when we saw your palace,” he told her with a slight smile. “Our Elder sent me up her to find out where you came from and what your intentions are,” he added bravely, yet his mouth had gone rather dry and now he wished that he had accepted her offer of tea.

    “Well, Mathias Fisherson, I am pleased to make your acquaintance,” the lady said and then slightly inclined her head towards Mathias, “I am Morgeanna and I am a Dream Weaver,” she introduce herself. “All this you see, I dreamed up overnight,” she indicated the palace grounds with a motion of her hand. “I won’t bore you with my story, sufficed to say, I had to make a quick escape and happened to find myself in this corner of Telara. Moonshade Highlands are a perfect hideaway and not only that, the area is one of the most beautiful around. You sure are lucky to have found such a place to build your village,” Morgeanna explained with a smile, albeit it was a bit sad, maybe some memories surfaced, of the place she had to leave in such a hurry.

    “Lucky?” Mathias quipped. “All I want to do is get out of this valley and see the world,” he said with an excited glint in his eyes.

    Morgeanna chuckled at the young dwarf’s ideas of adventure.

    “Don’t be in such a rush to leave. Telara is a beautiful land, true, but there are many dangers that await the unwary,” she said and her voice had a melancholic quality to it. “I tell you what, my young friend, I will tell you all about the world, educate you about its pitfalls and in turn, you will help me by scouting the area and reporting back to me any suspicious activities you encounter,” she said.

    Mathias’ eyes lit up and he readily agreed to the proposal.

    “But first, I think we should head down into the village. I’m sure your people are eager to meet me,” Morgeanna suggested.

    They both entered the tavern a short while later and Mathias made the introductions. Everyone was relieved to know that the visitor meant no harm.

    However, Morgeanna found it best not to mention that she had traveled through time, in order to find a refuge from the dark forces that pursued her.

    Thanks again to Agrona for lending her talent to my story There are pictures posted in an earlier thread, and it is open to visitors on the Faeblight server
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    Thank you Foxfire, for providing me with some great inspiration. I greatly enjoyed writing this story! Love your dimension!

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